Nice Little Event Run Tonight

Today, along with the past few preceding it, was a day. I won't detail why, but if you watch the news and aren't under a rock, you'll have a general idea of the stressors. (If you're reading this   

Working on New Shack Location

As part of my ongoing "too many hobbies and not enough room" problem, I've rearranged my basement to expand my woodworking area, as well as creating an electronics repair area in an adjacent room.   

Off the air for a while, getting back on

As has happened to all of us at one time or another, life and its stressors got in the way of enjoying radio. Thankfully things have dialed themselves back from 11 and there's time for operating   

15 Years of Consideration, 45 Minutes of Action

I operate CW 99% of the time. The only type of key I hadn't tried yet was a sideswiper (cootie) key. Understandably so, as it's a bit of a niche item and not nearly as commonplace as a straight key   

Fun Week for Radio Here

It's been a fun week for radio here! I'm on vacation all week and not doing much other than some fix-its around the house and playing on HF. Monday evening after returning from an out-of-town trip, I   

What A Week for DX Here

It's a sunspot minimum? Could have fooled me. I've been raking in DX like I hadn't since I got my General in the late 90's. Back then (damn I sound old now) I could spin the dial on my Realistic   

Hoping to be Back on 2m SSB

One of the things I always loved about ham radio but never do much with is VHF DXing. Back when I was a Technician, the closest thing I got to long-distance contacts was on 2m SSB. My rig at the time   

Worked Some New Ones

This past weekend was a great one for DX at ARS W0JRM. The Loop has been working FB, and the DX was rolling in. Worked three new DX entities; Israel (4Z5LA), Kuwait (9K2NO), and Norway (LA1MFA).