Fun Week for Radio Here

It's been a fun week for radio here! I'm on vacation all week and not doing much other than some fix-its around the house and playing on HF. Monday evening after returning from an out-of-town trip, I flipped on the radio and heard the special event call K2I. A quick lookup on QRZ showed it to be part of the Thirteen Colonies special event.

I worked a couple stations that evening before heading to bed. Getting up the next day, I brought up the DX cluster while having my morning "I"m on vacation, you kids don't bother me" coffee. Holy moly, there were operators for this event everywhere. I managed to work most of the colony stations with CW, but had to break down and work a couple on "the microphone mode."

At this time I've "swept" all the colonies and only need the three bonus stations to work everything. The event runs a through July 7, so I still have a chance to snag those three. They are WM3PEN, GB13COL, and K2Z. They seem to not be operating around the clock like the other stations do, so when they're on air a pileup quickly ensues making things difficult. But that's part of the fun, isn't it?

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