Cold, snowy, and indoorsy.

First big snow of the year. It's probably close to negative infinity outside. Eight fresh inches of snow. I'm in between terms at Luther. Perfect day to stay inside and play radio. I'm still   

Fra-gee-lee - It's A Major Award!

As eluded to in a prior post, there was some question of whether I'd acheive my QCWA status next year before getting my basic WAS award. Well, as of about a week ago, I've officially worked them   

And then there was one...

I've often joked over the years that, at my pace of confirming contacts with all 50 US states, I'd achieve membership in the QCWA before I earned my basic Worked All States (WAS) award. Yes, basic,   

Don't Mind Me, Saving These for Later

I don't want to research bookmarks on my blog. This works for   

FD 2020 Results

While browsing the web I noticed that the ARRL Intl DX CW contest is this weekend. (These things always have a way of sneaking up on me.) That reminded me that I never looked to see where I finished   

Well that was... fun.

A few days ago, I popped over here to write about how I'd accidentally found myself in three separate state QSO parties and how fun it was. (Link to follow.) But when I got there, the site didn't   

Tower Update

I finally got the mast and rotor on the tower a few weeks ago. It was an effort to say the least. It took at least five separate trips to get it all done. First to install a new rotor plate, then to   

2020 Field Day - A Fun One

I put forth more effort for this year's ARRL Field Day than I had for many years. Namely, I did more than just flip on the radio and sporadically operate. I did a full-on 1B setup with the intent of