15 Years of Consideration, 45 Minutes of Action

I operate CW 99% of the time. The only type of key I hadn't tried yet was a sideswiper (cootie) key. Understandably so, as it's a bit of a niche item and not nearly as commonplace as a straight key   

Fun Week for Radio Here

It's been a fun week for radio here! I'm on vacation all week and not doing much other than some fix-its around the house and playing on HF. Monday evening after returning from an out-of-town trip, I   

What A Week for DX Here

It's a sunspot minimum? Could have fooled me. I've been raking in DX like I hadn't since I got my General in the late 90's. Back then (damn I sound old now) I could spin the dial on my Realistic   

Hoping to be Back on 2m SSB

One of the things I always loved about ham radio but never do much with is VHF DXing. Back when I was a Technician, the closest thing I got to long-distance contacts was on 2m SSB. My rig at the time   

Worked Some New Ones

This past weekend was a great one for DX at ARS W0JRM. The Loop has been working FB, and the DX was rolling in. Worked three new DX entities; Israel (4Z5LA), Kuwait (9K2NO), and Norway (LA1MFA).   

Loop Antenna Update (3 of... whatever)

The loop antenna has been up for a while now and I have to say, I'm really impressed. I can load up on just about every band. For some reason it doesn't like 80m, but the tuner can get it under 3:1   

500' Loop Antenna Is Up! (2 of ?)

A few weeks back I started on a loop antenna.  Partly out of a lifelong fascination with the concept, partly out of trying to eliminate the horrible noise my G5RV picked up. HF was almost   

Started on a loop (1 of ?)

Finally getting around to putting up a loop antenna. Given the size of my property and number of trees for support, I liberally guestimate I should be able to get at least 300’ in the air, at