What A Week for DX Here

It's a sunspot minimum? Could have fooled me. I've been raking in DX like I hadn't since I got my General in the late 90's. Back then (damn I sound old now) I could spin the dial on my Realistic   

Hoping to be Back on 2m SSB

One of the things I always loved about ham radio but never do much with is VHF DXing. Back when I was a Technician, the closest thing I got to long-distance contacts was on 2m SSB. My rig at the time   

Worked Some New Ones

This past weekend was a great one for DX at ARS W0JRM. The Loop has been working FB, and the DX was rolling in. Worked three new DX entities; Israel (4Z5LA), Kuwait (9K2NO), and Norway (LA1MFA).   

Loop Antenna Update (3 of... whatever)

The loop antenna has been up for a while now and I have to say, I'm really impressed. I can load up on just about every band. For some reason it doesn't like 80m, but the tuner can get it under 3:1   

500' Loop Antenna Is Up! (2 of ?)

A few weeks back I started on a loop antenna.  Partly out of a lifelong fascination with the concept, partly out of trying to eliminate the horrible noise my G5RV picked up. HF was almost   

Started on a loop (1 of ?)

Finally getting around to putting up a loop antenna. Given the size of my property and number of trees for support, I liberally guestimate I should be able to get at least 300’ in the air, at   

Field Day Passed, Working on Antennas

Another ARRL Field Day is in the books.  I didn't do much, but I managed to log a couple contacts in the hour I played around on 20m.  Cranked the keyer up to 35wpm to keep up, but had to   

It's April, and it's Cold.

It's April 6.  It should be warm. The tulips should be up. Nature should be moving on to the next phase in its annual cycle of events. Instead it is 5 degrees outside.  It's cold.