Miscellaneous Projects and Updates

It's been a busy few months at the W0JRM shack, not all radio-related.

I've finally got my "mast" in for the tower top. As soon as I've got my 2m j-pole soldered up, everything is finally getting sent up the tower. It may be a while before the rotor is operational, as I'm currently refinishing the control box, but at least all the stuff that needs to be in the air will be off the ground.

I'd be closer to finished, but springtime means gardening at my single-acre homsestead. We've been extremely busy building new beds, enclosing them with kennel panels, and putting the plants in. Also put in many perenials in the landscape (on the bright side, those won't need planted again next year.)

I'd hoped to get the radio stuff out of the way before it got warm and humid. Given Iowa's tendency to slam from pleasant spring to holy-hell-it's-hot summer come June my time's limited on that. This weekend is a three-day, but it's supposed to storm all weekend so who knows.

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