“We can’t discriminate? That’s discrimination!”

Canada’s Supreme Court Rejects Country’s Only Christian Law School

Trinity Western University has lost a years-long legal fight to launch what would be the only Christian law school in Canada.

Oh wow, what happened?

In Trinity Western University v. Law Society of Upper Canada and Trinity Western University v. The Law Society of British Columbia, justices sided 7-2 against TWU, calling it “proportionate and reasonable” to favor the rights of LGBT students over the school’s religious convictions.

Holy Moly! They favored teh gheys! This is unconscionable! I bet those dirty immoral heathens wanted classes on vibrator usage and how to prick children with their special gay super rings!

The Supreme Court of Canada considered a pair of appeals cases involving regional law societies that refused to accredit the Trinity Western program due to the evangelical institution’s student covenant, which prohibits sex outside of traditional marriage.

Wait – so they gay folks just wanted to be able to do as they wanted outside of the school campus? THAT is what the college is in an uproar about? Not same-sex education, porn being rented out in the library, or free condoms handed out in gift baskets. They were fighting for the right to control what the students did on their own time, in their own homes.

What, pray tell, does a student’s outside behavior have to do with their education? What business does the school, no matter what its religious affiliation or creed, have telling a student how to live their private life? If they’re showing up to class, performing as expected, and on track to graduate, why does it matter if they sleep with their own gender, or even both genders?

“This is a very disappointing outcome,” the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) tweeted. “Societies are stronger when all people and their beliefs and the institutions they form are respected. #ChristianHigherEd changes lives for the better. This is a loss for all people of goodwill.”

You mean except for people who believe they have a right to love whomever they want to love.

The Supreme Court of Canada has consigned the fundamental right to freedom of conscience and religion to second class status with its decision on Trinity Western University. This upholds a narrow understanding of diversity in which people of faith are relegated to the private sphere.

Canadians of all faiths will have less latitude to publicly dissent from majority opinions on social issues that clash with their beliefs. Now more than ever we need a robust and clear defence of freedom of conscience and religion and public faith.

You haven’t been consigned to “second class.” You’ve simply been told that you can’t tell your students what to do outside of the sphere of education. You still could have educated students. You still could have taught your erroneous curriculum of misguided morality. But instead you chose to act as a religious institution rather than a public one, forcing a system of personal morality on your students regardless of whether they chose to believe it. That is where the problem lies.

If you want to start a church, start a church. If you want to start a college, then start a college. Don’t mesh the two together and cry victim when you get called out on it.

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