Started on a loop (1 of ?)

Finally getting around to putting up a loop antenna. Given the size of my property and number of trees for support, I liberally guestimate I should be able to get at least 300’ in the air, at heights ranging from 15 to 25 feet. 

I started with trying a slingshot to get my line over the branches. Boy was that an unmitigated failure. I had better luck swinging a weight in a circle underhand and tossing it over the desired branches. 

I'm using mason string as my throw line, then using that to pull up coated string used for catfishing. (Something similar to this.) Roughly 130# tensile strength on the catfish line, so it should hold up well. Past experience shows that weather doesn't degrade it much, if any.

Tied to the catfish line are ceramic doughnut insulators, the type used for electric fencing. I’m opting to run my loop through the insulators so there’s ability for everything to have some wiggle room when the wind picks up. 

I’m currently on support three of ten. Hopefully it continues to go somewhat easy. 

Update: 500' Loop Antenna is Up!

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