And then there was one...

I've often joked over the years that, at my pace of confirming contacts with all 50 US states, I'd achieve membership in the QCWA before I earned my basic Worked All States (WAS) award. Yes, basic, as in any band, any mode, just work and confirm it somehow. The easy one that most HF-active hams get within a year or two of first being licensed. That one. Well I've been a ham for 24 years this July (f*** I'm old) and I still don't have it done.

But good news, everyone! After checking LOTW today, I'm officially down to needing just one state, Nebraska. I've certainly worked hams there before, both on the air and in person. It's close enough for a long-haul VHF contact even. I just don't currently have it confirmed.*

So there's hope yet! I might just have another award to hang on the wall next to my one-and-only that I currently have, which isn't even really an award, but an ARRL certificate of code proficiency. I might get it done before QCWA yet!

*I had confirmed Nebraska via paper QSL in the early 00's. However, the QSL card was lost in a move, so now here I am begging for it on LOTW.

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