Rebranding Coming Soon

Sometime in the near future I’ll be doing a semi-routine rebranding of the site. (To quote the Goth girl Raj flirted with on Big Bang Theory, “Not that anyone cares.”)

The style will most likely stay the same, but the title will change from “The Midwestern Crank” to something less… cranky. That’s what comes with self-reflection and introspection. Sometimes you realize there’s parts of your personality to shed and changes need to be made. I’m tired of being a cranky person, so why market myself as such?

I’ve began worshiping with a new body of believers who have completely rejuvenated my walk with God. I’m actually… gasp… starting to look forward to Christmas again. Not since working at Walmart beat the love of this time of year from me have I actually looked forward to Christmas. (Just don’t start it before Thanksgiving, that’s my favorite holiday.)

What am I going to post here? Mostly the same stuff. Just less complaining about it. Stuff people may find interesting, but probably won’t. The perspective of an ordinary left-leaning white protestant male in the Midwest. Because Lord knows there aren’t already a metric fudge-ton of us doing that on Facebook/Twitter/Tumbler/Reddit. Less swearing, because I’m trying to shy away from that as well.

I’ll probably discuss Freemasonry more here. It’s likely my Masonic blog, The Temple Builder, will move over here. Or not. I like the stylesheet there.

If you’re one of the two or three people who reads my postings here, nothing drastic will change. Just the name of the site. And thanks for reading, feel free to speak up in the comments.

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