News Flash Larry: That Requirement Died on the Cross

Whooo buddy.  They’re coming out of the woodwork like the roaches they are.

A Texas Republican candidate for governor cited what he said was “Biblical law” last week and vowed to “gladly execute” convicted LGBT people.

Out Smart magazine first reported that Larry Kilgore made the remarks about homosexuals on Twitter.

If this “man” was as good of a Christian as he claims to be, he’d realize that we no longer live under Biblical law because of Christ’s sacrifice.

But that would assume this guy actually cares about what the Bible really says, and doesn’t just use it to beat people over the head.

In 2012, Kilgore legally changed his name to Larry SECEDE Kilgore.

Well there ya have it… it looks like his holiday platter is missing a few nuts to begin with.

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