My kid’s life is more important than your gun.

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Kids writing “I love you mom and dad” on their bodies in case they don’t survive a shooting.

How much more f’d up can this country get before we realize we need to do something about firearms access?
“But but muh rights to…”
Stop. Shhh. Your “right” to own a tool that fires projectiles doesn’t outweigh the right of others to live in a safe society.
“You said it! Guns are just tools, like spoons and…”
To quote Stephen King, when was the last time someone killed a classroom full of first grade kids with a fucking spoon?
“But I need to stand up to the tyranny of the govern…”
Stop. That’s a paranoid delusion. Even if it were to happen, you and your AR15 aren’t going to do a damn thing to stop the world’s most powerful military. They’ll splatter your ass with a cruise missile before you unload your first stripper clip.
“Well my guns never hurt anyone.”
Good for you. 90% of people don’t want your guns. What we do want is a system to keep guns out of the hands of people who don’t need them. That won’t stop you from owning your precious bang-bang toys.
“I don’t care about your…”
Yep, there’s the problem. You. Don’t. Care. Your fetish about owning guns and pissing people off by owning them is more important than someone’s kid coming home. And it’s disgusting.

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