Frozen Weirds Me Out

Does anyone else find Frozen to be incredibly depressing?

Two sisters are best friends. One develops powers she can’t control or understand and has to shut her sister out as a response. The upset younger sister doesn’t know why, and thinks her older sister just hates her. As someone who really empathizes with the emotions of little kids, that bothers me.

Then, to make things even better, their parents die while on vacation. A vacation away from the kids, who are being monitored by the hired help. Speaking of the hired help, who’s raising these girls after mom and dad die at sea? The nanny and butler who no longer have a King and Queen to sign the paycheck?

Then the emotional train wreck of a younger sister gets her heart broken. A neighboring Prince pretends to love her so he can kill her and take over the kingdom. Wowie kids, here’s how I met your mother!

There’s more in the whole movie that strikes me as odd. The schizophrenic ice deliveryman raised by garden gnomes and his “talking” reindeer. The identity-confused Snowman who wants to live in warm weather. But by and large it’s the relationship of the two sisters that sticks with me. As with most Disney movies it gets better toward the end… but this whole thing has always had a dark overtone with me.

It keeps the kids quiet, so I guess it’s got that going for it. Until my youngest daughter tries to kill the older with an ice pick or something.


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