Legalistic Communion

In just about all churches I’ve been a part of, communion only takes five minutes and seems like an afterthought to the service.  The congregation gets a spiel about how the church doesn’t believe in transubstantiation or consubstantiation.  There’s a comment on why the church isn’t using wine. … Read the rest

Climbing the Ladder from Low to High

One of my oft-mentioned, favorite celebrity pastors, Ed Stetzer, shared a list of his ten most popular articles of 2017.  Topping that list was a response to Hank Hanegraaff eschewing Evangelical Christianity for Eastern Orthodox.  From that article:

Yet, the evangelical bent towards Western individualism has opened the door to an ‘every Bible for itself’ mentality where, combined with the digital age, rogue armchair theologians can be equipped with major influence without proper ecclesiological accountability.

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