Anatomy of a Modern-Day Political Ad

Ominous music plays

Did you know that (Opponent name) (supports / opposes) (abortion / gun control / same sex marriage)? Even worse they want to (raise / lower) (your / upper class) taxes.

Cheerful music plays

(Candidate name) doesn’t, (he / she / they / xi) promise to stand up for you and your right to (abortion / gun control / same sex marriage). They won’t (raise / lower) taxes to pay for (welfare / refugees / CEO bonuses).

Ominous music resumes

(Opponent name) is the wrong choice for (district). They support (Obamacare / Trump tax cuts for the wealthy / same-sex marriage / gun control), which puts (district) families at risk.

Cheerful music plays

(Candidate name) is the right choice for (district). Vote for (Candidate name) on (date of election)

(Special interest group) is responsible for the content of this message.


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